Gift Idea: The Clothesline Bowl!

The clothesline bowl is a gift that is easy and makes up fast.  It is a versatile gift that can be given on its own or a base to fill with additional items!  It can be made in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Making the Bowl

I don’t mean to constantly talk about “scraps”, but this is a “scrap happy” project too! Check out my other scrap projects here.  A list of items you will need to make a bowl are:

  • Cotton Clothesline.  I purchased mine at Joanns because I had a coupon and it seemed like a good price. The bundle they sell will give you two small bowls or one large one. 
  • Scraps of Fabric.  Cut the fabric into thin strips about a ½” wide. Fabric glue can be used to wrap the fabric around the clothesline, but some people just wrap as they go with no glue. Sometimes I just sit on the couch, while watching television, and wrap the clothesline. I just add a drop of glue at the beginning and end of each fabric strip.  Feel free to cover the entire clothesline or just part of it every so often.  You may want the bowl to be the natural clothesline color without fabric.  Be creative.
  • Sew it Together Using a Zigzag Stitch.  I use a large zigzag because you must catch the coils as you sew around.  Start with the base and sew flat around the circle until it reaches the size you want the bottom to be.  To make the sides, tilt the coils up as you sew around, and the sides will start to form.  Like anything else it takes a little practice to get the hang of it.  There are many ways to end.  Check out Pinterest to get some great ideas.
Making flat circle the size you want the bottom to be.
Start lifting up the base to form the sides!

The Clothesline Bowl Gift

This is such a versatile gift in many ways because it can fit into any décor depending on the way you use fabric or not. Give it on it’s own or filled with additional items to create a “theme”.  It is useful because it can hold items in any room setting. I love these bowls and everyone I’ve ever given one to has liked it. This might be something to make for your “Gift List”. These would fit in many gift categories:  wedding, shower, friendship, hostess, or housewarming.  What’s nice is it’s not gender specific.  Men and women both like them. It works great sitting on a table to hold keys, wallet, phones, candy, etc. Other items you can create with clothesline include: placemats, coasters, and even tote bags!

Speaking of lists, how are your “gift lists” coming along? Did you have any problems or questions?  Let me know in the comments.  I have a list of people I need to give a gift to this year. I am filling out a separate sheet just for Christmas gifts. If you downloaded the free gift list let me know.

Have a great week and keep sewing!