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How to Plan Quilting Time Each Month

“The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With One Step”


I think it’s ironic that this was on my calendar for the month! Especially, when we are trying to learn how to plan quilting time each month! It fits so perfectly.

We have “a thousand” projects to finish and so every time we sew on them, no matter how little, we get closer to the end of that project! Grab the planning pages below if you haven’t already and let’s plan when and what we will work on!

Last Month

Check out my blog, Quilting & Sewing Routine, to see how I like to plan a sewing rhythm.

The first week I worked on my paper pieced court house steps just like I planned. There may be enough blocks finished if I’m making a baby quilt, but another idea popped into my head. I’ll talk more about that later.

paper pieced court house step blocks

I got derailed the second week. Realizing I needed to make two composition book covers for birthday gifts, I finished those and sent them out!

several composition book covers I made.

I also got derailed in the third week! My cousin’s baby shower is coming up and I decided to make a baby quilt. I chose the rail fence pattern in bright colors because we don’t know what the gender is yet.

Finally on week four I didn’t sew at all!! My UFO (unfinished object) that I had planned to work on didn’t get finished! That’s okay. I’ll find another time to finish it! I still had a pretty productive sewing month.

How to Plan Quilting Time This Month

First look at the calendar and see where you can plug in some sewing time. It might be the same each day or week. It might be different from day to day or week to week. You do you!

I have time in the late afternoon, just before I have to make dinner. That’s when I will plug my sewing time in. The time will vary depending on when I finish my work for the day and how much prep is needed for dinner.

Now look at the WIPS (works in progress), UFO’s, & any new projects you need to start. Start with week one.

Week one for me will be the baby quilt that I need to have finished by Saturday. Yikes! Wish me luck! I chose the “Rail Fence” pattern. This toy had the exact colors of my quilt in it so I have to include that too!

rail fence baby quilt with llama toy

Week two I will take those courthouse steps I’ve been working on and look at making some kind of “quilted jacket”! I will have to explore my options, but when I started looking at the color of the blocks, I thought they would make a pretty jacket. I haven’t made one before so I may be documenting my journey to share with you if it turns out!!

Week three will be an exploration of the embroidery machine my mom gave me. My embroidery machine of 23 years finally broke to the point last year that they could no longer fix it. They had stopped making parts for it and so it goes. My mom wasn’t using hers so she insisted I take it and use it! Thanks mom. That was an awesome gift! It is similar to my old one, but has many more bells and whistles!

embroidery and sewing machine

Week four will be finishing a UFO. That’s if I haven’t been derailed with something else. You know me! It is very probable that will happen.

I did a short video in the Facebook group Quilting Friends of Jerianns Handmade, talking more about my sewing this month!

Last Thoughts

I’ve enjoyed bringing you along these last couple months to explain how I plan quilting time each month. My sewing rhythm is a “weekly flow” on one thing. I don’t jump from project to project every day.

I hope you can create something that works for you. Experiment until you find it and give yourself grace when what you planned doesn’t come to fruition. Again, you do you.

Always Find Time To Sew,