Spring Sewing & Hand Sewing Options!

As we come out of the winter season and into spring, many of us find ourselves being distracted by the warmer weather. I find myself being drawn out of the sewing room and into the outdoors, taking walks, planting flowers, gardening, pulling weeds, etc. etc.  Sound familiar?  Squirrels are everywhere and easily distract. There are other things now competing for my time.  Take time now to redo your schedule. Your spring sewing schedule should look different than the winter one.  This spring, when are you going to sew, clean, cook, garden, etc.?  Take time now to ensure you have a plan so everything you would like to accomplish in a week has a place! Let’s look at some spring sewing and hand sewing options! Just a reminder, “The only time housework comes before sewing is in the dictionary!”  I couldn’t find who said that to give them credit, but I love it!

A Change for the 5th Tuesday of the Month!

There are five Tuesdays this month, so I thought I would talk about something a little different, hand sewing! I don’t know about you, but I like to do something while I’m sitting on the couch watching television. Sure, some shows command my full attention to follow them, but others just need me to listen and look up occasionally.

Crocheting is my choice for hand sewing.  I love making afghans, mittens, potholders, holiday pins, scrunchies, or whatever catches my eye.  My mom taught me to crochet when I was in high school.  I put it down for a while, but picked it back up after my boys got older.  There are always several projects I have laying in my basket to pick up when I’m relaxing on the couch.  Crocheting an afghan when the weather starts to get warmer can be difficult.  A big heavy yarn blanket sitting on your lap can be very hot and uncomfortable.  One solution is to turn the air conditioning down!!  Most of us don’t want to do that, so I suggest working on smaller projects in the summer.

English paper piecing hexies, Hair Scrunchies, Potholder, Butterfly Pin, Dishcloth and scrubbies are all spring and hand sewing or crocheting I like to do.
Picture of my yarn and projects I’m working on. Yeah, I may need to do some organization!!

Choices For Smaller Projects.

One choice for crocheting smaller projects is granny squares or any other afghan that is created by joining small units together.  Make the squares in the warm months and then crochet them together to create an afghan in the cooler ones.  I’m working on an old pattern by Vanna White!  I’m using my scrap yarn! Yay!  It starts with small units and is great for summer crocheting. I also love making hair scrunchies and potholders.

Crocheting project in progress!

I have tried some English Paper Piecing and I do enjoy doing it.  Not sure what I’m going to do with all those little hexies yet! Of course, Pinterest should have an answer for that!  Knitting is something else I like to do.  I love the knitted dishcloths and yes, that’s all I know how to knit!  Do you sew differently in the spring? What are some hand sewing projects that you like to work on?  Let me know in the comments what you like to do, or if you have any other ideas on hand sewing.

March “Giveaway”. This is a machine embroidery design I purchased from JuJu’s Embroidery.

  I liked it so much I put it on my chalk board above the coffee bar!

Spring chalkboard over my coffee bar!

Spring is here so enjoy the weather, but don’t forget to keep on sewing!  Have a great week!