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12 Apps that can be Very Useful & Fun to Use in the Quilting World!

It used to be that a phone or computer didn’t have a place in the quilting world. Boy have times changed! Technology has advanced in such a way that there is so much information available to quilters online. There are blogs and YouTube videos for just about any technique you want to learn. Teachers are at our fingertips, not to mention, purchasing any and everything to do with quilting from fabric, thread, and cute t-shirts with cute sayings concerning quilting and sewing. Here’s a list of twelve apps that can be very useful and fun to use in the quilting world.

Audio Apps

I love audio apps! I probably use these every day.

·  Podcast Apps:  I like Stitcher and Spotify. I dive into podcasts covering quilting, blogging, business, simplifying your life, and the list goes on and on. Check these out and search for a topic that interests you. Endless podcasts will pop up related to your search. I recently started walking for 25-30 minutes most days while I listen to a podcast that runs for that length of time. I’m concentrating so hard on what the podcaster is talking about that I don’t even think about my walking. I look forward to it every day. Listening to a podcast is great when you are doing mindless sewing too!

·  Music Apps:  I like Pandora and YouTube, but there are others. Again, any song or album is at your fingertips. Great to have playing in the sewing room while working on a project.

·  Audio Books:  Audible and Libby are the big ones, but again, there are many others.  I don’t listen to books, but I know some people who do. Again, mindless sewing might be a good time to try this. Someday I might try audio books, but right now  I love my reading time with my Kindle or actual book!

Search Engines

These can be addicting, just saying. Not sure which one is my favorite. I love them both!

·  Pinterest:  On Pinterest the idea is to search for topics, and they will provide you with articles, pictures, products, and videos of what you want to see. Talk about inspiration! You can’t help but feel inspired while looking through the never ending pictures of beautiful quilts. There are free patterns available as well and links to shops that sell patterns you might want to buy. Need places to organize all the pictures and information? No problem. Pinterest provides the opportunity for you to create boards to house the pictures in categories that suit you. I feel like everyone knows about this app, but if you don’t, go check it out immediately. It’s great for organizing quilt ideas and projects you might want to do next.

·  YouTube:  Video Tutorials on “how to” do something comes to mind first. As a quilter, I can find techniques that I need to see being done when reading the words are not enough. I found this to be true when I was learning how to connect my binding ends together. Karen Brown of, Just Get it Done Quilts, is my go-to for this. I finally was able to understand and see just how to do it! Having read other explanations I could not get it straight in my head until I saw her video. I also like that you can Subscribe to your favorite channels and get updated when a new video  is released on the video creators channel.

Social Media Apps

Again, I warn that these may be time stealers. Many of you already know that. I like the connection to people they provide, but I’m not a big fan.

·      Instagram:  This used to be all about pictures. Great pictures of all things. Big, big on inspiration. Not anymore. Although you may still find inspiration, there is so much more going on here now. There are reels, stories, etc. The advertisement, noise, and constant movement really annoys me.

·      Facebook:  Again, advertising and noise is constant as you scroll. I will say that both Instagram and Facebook provide a sense of community. They allow you to follow your favorite designers, quilters, and companies to keep up with what’s new.  Joining a specialty group can really be beneficial. There are even groups on specific topics such as antique quilts, wool projects, applique, quilt as you go, etc. There is no end to what you will find, and the nice thing is there are like-minded people pertaining to each group. In these groups you can reach out to others with questions, pictures, and discussions on certain topics. I do like this idea.

Quilting Apps

The next list pertains to quilting and help you might need at your fingertips! Check each one of these apps listed below  and see what they do. I’m just listing a few things.

·  Robert Kaufman Fabric:  Allows you to figure out how much fabric you will need for all the parts of your quilt, backing, borders, etc. Calculates pieces to area, set-in corner triangles, binding, square-in-a-square, batting, etc.

·  MSQC: (Missouri Star Quilting Company) You can keep up on their tutorials and have access to 100’s of projects by Jenny Doan.

·  Quilt Cat: This is a design app. Use this to design patchwork patterns. It does all the calculations.

·  Quiltful:  This app is a quilt project tracker/organizer. This also allows you to upload photos, keep notes, deadlines, and view a summary of all your projects so you can track the process of each quilt.

·  Camera:  Finally, having a camera on most phones really is useful. Taking a picture of your quilt can help in so many ways. It can help you get the “look” just right or catch a block that might be turned the wrong way or is in the wrong place. Taking a picture of your quilt in black and white will help with the light and dark values of the blocks.

Most of these apps have a free version to use. Let me know what your favorite apps are and how you use them in the comments!

Always Find Time to Sew,

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