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A Monthly Quilting & Sewing Routine

Are you “itchin to be stitchin”? Then you need to develop a monthly quilting and sewing routine with me! Many people I’ve been talking to tell me, ” I need to get back into my sewing room” or “I need to start sewing again”. Next time I see them they still haven’t done it. Why? My guess is that they don’t make a plan to sew and when we don’t have a plan, things don’t get done! Download the free planning pages below and get a sewing plan started.

What I got finished last month

First, I had the baby quilt to finish for my cousin and I did get it done for her shower! Yay!

rail fence baby quilt

Second, I worked on the courthouse step blocks to place on my sweatshirt. They had raw edges so I sewed a muslin block onto them right sides together. Turned it out, poked out the corners, and ironed a strip of Steam a Seam tape to glue the opening closed. Now no more raw edges. I like how they turned out.

Third, I wanted some new cloth napkins for spring so I made about six. I got side tracked with these. They weren’t on my list to do this month!

Cloth napkins

Finally, I worked on some “String Blocks With a Path” for last week’s blog. I love the little 4 1/2″ squares! Go HERE for the tutorial!

Christmas string blocks

This Month’s Plan

We are already in the first week of the month, but I will plan to work on the string blocks. This month is the “Diamond String Block” and I want to have a tutorial on how to make these. It will be on the blog during the last week of the month.

The second week I will pull out the sweatshirt and quilt blocks and get started sewing them on! I’m really excited about this project! I hope it turns out like I’m imagining in my head!

For the third and fourth weeks I have two things in the works! Look for my free email course for beginners coming soon. I always tell people to start small. Sometimes starting with a quilt of any size can feel daunting or intimidating. So much so that it never gets finished and possibly the person decides they don’t like quilting when really they just got overwhelmed. I can’t say what it is yet, but it’s small, not intimidating, or overwhelming! Stay tuned.

The other project is called, “Natalie’s Journey”. We will follow Natalie as she learns how to quilt. She is a beginner quilter, but already knows how to sew. I can’t wait for this adventure. It will include video of her progress, struggles, likes and dislikes, along with anything else that beginner quilters face.

I hope this planning time helps you to sit down, decide what you want to work on or finish, and then place it on the calendar. My sewing rhythm is weekly projects. Have you found your sewing rhythm yet?

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Always find time to sew,