Big Ben Quilting Company

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to interview Lisa Merkle. She is the owner of Big Ben Quilting Company. She offers longarm services, custom quilting, embroidery, and education. The Big Ben Quilting Company is located in London, Ohio. She has her “very cool” studio on the second floor of a commercial building in town.

Lisa in front of one of her many quilts she has done!

Lisa started quilting about ten years ago but has always enjoyed sewing and scrapbooking. She would sew an occasional costume for her kids, but her first quilt was a T-shirt quilt for her daughter.

Lisa’s Quilting Journey Begins!

After making that quilt she was hooked, and took a few classes at Quilt Beginnings. It wasn’t long until Lisa was working at that quilt shop and teaching classes! Today, she works at that shop on the days she teaches a class. Her main classes include embroidery, a T-shirt quilt class, and the ABC class. One of her favorite classes she taught was the Rotary Cutting Basics class.

Lisa Starts Her Own Business

Two years ago, Lisa bought her longarm, who she has lovingly named Freddie! It takes up one of the three rooms she uses in her studio. As I walked into her studio my eyes went to the walls. She has so many beautiful quilts hanging up that it’s candy for the eyes! In the largest room she has an embroidery work area, fabric area, and desk/office area. The third room consisted of a large table that has several sewing machines sitting on it. In this area she offers Free Sit & Sew when she can work it out. The idea behind the sit and sew is to allow people to come in and work on their projects together with others and develop camaraderie and friendships. I plan to take part in one of these because quilting can be a lonely business. It would be great to meet new friends and have a sewing day with others. Email Lisa for more information on the sit and sew.

There’s Freddie!

Lisa doesn’t consider herself a businessperson, she just loves to sew! She doesn’t advertise. People can find her through Google.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading. Her favorite books to read are Civil War and World War II novels along with biographies.

When I asked her where she saw herself in five years she hesitated and thought about it. She very well still may be working at her Big Ben Quilting Company, or possibly retired and just having the time to work on her own quilts! Only time will tell.

Need a quilt quilted? Give Lisa a call or shoot her an email at ([email protected])!

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