Ten Favorite Gift Ideas Quilters Will Love!

I loved it and still do, watching Oprah’s Favorite Things for Christmas every year. She started this idea many years ago. I can’t think of anyone doing this before her, but everyone is doing it now…including me!! There is something fun about it. I learn of items I didn’t even know existed. My list is fairly short, but hopefully something might spark an interest. It’s ten of my favorite gift ideas quilters will love! Just to let you know I don’t get money for suggesting these. I just want to share what I’ve found. So here we go!

Jeri Ann’s Favorite Things in 2022!

  1. Meiruby Rechargeable Lighter.
  2. Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset Tea.
  3. Flameless Candles.
  4. Triangle Paper.
  5. Arc Planner Discs and Paper Punch.
  6. Quilting Magazines
  7. Puzzles
  8. 8”x14” Quilting Ruler
  9. The Lazy Genius Kitchen, by Kendra Adachi
  10. Quilting Precuts


This year my favorite item is the Meiruby Rechargeable Lighter!! This was something new to me. I had never seen one before, but I love how it works! It’s USB rechargeable. It’s electric so no lighter fluid. It works by creating a spark. I light my candles, and gas stove with it. When the battery runs down, I just plug it into recharge! Every adult on your Christmas list would love this!

Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset Tea is my favorite hot tea right now! It has a strong rich cinnamon flavor with a hint of sweetness, although there is no sugar or sweetener in the tea bag. This is a high-end tea but worth it. There are many other great flavors and they come in a cute tin. I plan on planting succulents in the tins when I use up all the tea bags. I think the succulents would make a cute gift.

Flameless candles are next on the list. They are battery operated, look real, and you don’t have to worry about leaving them on! I purchased mine from a local shop and I got the displays so there wasn’t any box, name, or instructions. However, you should be able to find something similar on Amazon or a local boutique shop in your area.

Pictured above are the flameless candles. Don’t they look like they are burning? They fool everyone. Then the Harney & Sons Tea tin, and right in front is the rechargeable lighter!

Triangle Paper, do I need to say more? Since I have been doing several sew alongs this year, triangle paper saves me time and is very accurate. Love, love, love this! If you have never tried them, give it a try. This would be a great gift for beginner quilters.

The Arc Planner and Paper Punch. I got started with this idea when I spotted them in Staples. I was using a spiral planner and found myself wanting to move my pages around. You can’t do that with a spiral bound notebook, but you can with the Arc planner system.  They use discs that the paper attaches to. This makes it possible to pull pages out and place them in a different order. I’m  also able to create my own calendars and planners to print out and use in this system because I bought the special hole punch. It’s great being able to create my own calendars, planners, journals, etc. and being able to endlessly reconfigure the pages.

Here are the weekly calendar pages I created. You can use any size paper. The discs come in large and small. You can see where I started to pull the paper out. You can see the punched holes which allow you to endlessly pull the sheets out and place them in different order.

Quilting magazines are next on my list because my generation and older grew up looking at magazines and we still enjoy it! Give someone a subscription and it’s a gift that keeps giving all year!

Puzzles are on my list again this year. Cutting up pieces of fabric and putting them back together again is similar to a puzzle. I haven’t met a quilter yet that doesn’t enjoy doing a puzzle.

The quilting ruler I use most is my 8”x14”. This is such a useful size and I would venture to say it would be a good first ruler for any beginner quilter!

My list wouldn’t be complete without a book recommendation. This year I read and loved, “The Lazy Genius Kitchen” by Kendra Adachi. Her first book was “The Lazy Genius Way” and you might want to buy the set. It’s not a cookbook, but a way to navigate through your kitchen. Kendra has a podcast that I listen to, and I just love how she navigates through life. I mentioned her back in this BLOG if you want to go back and read it!

Last but not least, I recommend precuts! There is not a quilter around that doesn’t get a spark of joy when receiving fabric. Am I right? Yardage is kind of weird to give, but there are tons of precuts to choose from. Fat quarters, Layer cakes, Charm packs, and I could go on and on. I hope we all find some in our stockings this year!

That concludes my ten favorite gift ideas quilters will love. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

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