Creating & Decorating with Mini Quilts & Framed Blocks

I can’t wait to talk about mini quilts and framed blocks, but first I have to say, Congratulations Julie!  You are the “Christmas in July” winner of the Christmas Cloth Napkins and Soap Bottle Apron.

The winner has a choice of the black with the red & green mittens or blue with the snowflakes.

Mini Quilts & Framed Blocks Decorating

Mini quilts and framed blocks are showing up in everyone’s pictures. They are especially popular in photos of sewing rooms.  I have fallen in love with these cute little items! What a wonderful way to decorate, especially in the sewing room. I found a book of “small quilts” at a quilt show swap and have been eager to make one ever since.  Sewing with little pieces may not appeal to everyone, but I’m up for the challenge!  A miniature quilt can help you work on a piecing or quilting technique without investing a lot of money or time.  Mini quilts are typically a smaller version of a full-size quilt that measures between 12-24 inches. Mini quilts don’t have to be placed on the wall.  Try placing them on any table, dresser, bookshelf, etc. to add color and warmth. The framed blocks may be more to your liking.  Who doesn’t have an orphan block lying around? Frame it up and hang it on the wall.  Maybe frame several and create a cute collage.

This photo is from SewCanShe. Check out this link to get more ideas!
This photo is from A Quilting Life. Check out this link for more ideas!

My Mini Tumbler Quilt

My cousin has an AccuQuilt fabric cutter. She got the mini tumbler die and I can’t wait to make my mini tumbler quilt. It shouldn’t take long and I hope to have it finished by the end of August. I will share it with you on the next blog! 

My Framed Block Ideas

I’m participating in the block of the month on the website, A Quilting Life. She has created two sizes of blocks to complete and I’m doing both sizes, 6” and 12”.  The 6” blocks would be so cute framed up.  I think I might do a few individually and then make a mini quilt out of the others. Sewing these little pieces together has really improved my skills. Practice makes perfect and I have enjoyed it.  Larger blocks can be just as easily framed as the smaller ones.  Look at the space you want to fill and go from there.

Creating Your Own Mini Quilt or Framed Blocks

My challenge for you this month is to find a spot where a mini quilt or framed block might look nice. Check to see if you have any orphan blocks that would work, or maybe a project that you’ve lost interest in finishing into a quilt.  Maybe you are looking for a new project to begin. Creating something new for this sounds fun and you can pick out the exact fabric and colors you would like to use in the mini quilt or framed blocks. This makes a great summer sewing project. How about making a pumpkin block for fall or a Christmas tree mini quilt to change out in December? The ideas are endless!  


I’ve had some of you interested in me creating a Facebook Group, so there could be more discussion and a place to show your projects. I love this idea! I don’t think anything inspires me more than to see what others are creating! Inspiration to sew, quilt, and live your best life is what I want this blog to be about. Let me know in the comments if this is something you would enjoy!

Always Find Time to Sew,

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