Easy Hexagon Table Runner!


Here is an easy hexagon table runner!

I love the look of a hexagon quilt, but I don’t like to do “Y” seams. I have done “Y” seams and I don’t think they are fun!

There are NO “Y” seams on this easy hexagon table runner because the hexagon is cut in half! Voila! Only straight seams to sew.

Shows half hexies and how to sew them together in rows.
Can you see how it goes together in straight rows?

The color palette for this table runner is a variety of greens and white. I had received these from my aunt’s stash after she passed away last fall. She loved green so I will always think of her when I look at this. It can be use for Saint Patrick’s Day and on into Spring!

green and white hexagon table runner

My Process for Creating this Hexagon Table Runner

  • There are quite a few things I experimented with when creating this. I wanted this table runner to reach clear across my table and down a little bit on the ends.
  • Then I decided I didn’t want it quilted with batting. In fact, I didn’t want it quilted at all. For my table I just wanted it tablecloth like. I used the quilt pattern, I just didn’t quilt it!
  • Next, I decided to try the “Self-binding” method taught by Jenni Doan from Missouri Star Quilt. Check her video out HERE. The back isn’t quilted together with the rest of the quilt. It remains “loose”. However, it is sewn down around where the quilt top and border are sewn together. This helps keep the back fabric somewhat in place. It also creates beautiful, mitered corners around the top.
the back of a self mitered table runner

Here is a link to a free hexagon pattern in many different sizes to download. All you need to do is cut them in half from point to point. I used my cousin’s AccuQuilt to cut my hexagon halves which is really fast, but there is no reason why they can’t be cut with a template.

Remember, I chose not to use any batting or quilt this. It is very “tablecloth” like and that’s exactly what I wanted! I love the weight of it and the look!

green and white hexagon table runner
Let me know what you think in the comments!!

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