two fabric covered tissue packs

Fabric Tissue Pack Cover Tutorial

This is the time of year we all need them. Whether we have allergies or a cold, they reside in our pockets. What are they? TISSUES! This is why I thought it would be a good time to offer a couple ways to cover the little pack with some cute fabric! Here are two fabric tissue pack cover tutorials!

quilted red fabric tissue pack cover and a boxed cover style with birds.

Red Quilted Fabric Tissue Cover

The red fabric covered tissue cover is so simple to make. It takes quilted fabric and consists of three steps! The pieces aren’t very big so I used some scraps I had.

I made a short YouTube VIDEO if you want to watch it first!

three small pieces of quilted fabric cut and ready to make the tissue cover.

First step is to cut : Use double sided quilted fabric. Scraps work great for this!

One piece: 4″x6″ (for the bottom)

Two Pieces: 4″x6″ (for the flaps)

  1. Fold flaps in half lengthwise & press
two 4x6" pieces of quilted fabric folded in half lengthwise and ironed.
  • Place on the bottom piece right sides together and raw edges together. Pin or clip and sew completely around 1/4″.
tissue cover together and ready to sew around.
  • Finally, clip the corners and turn right side out! All done! I usually press too!
tissue cover sewn around and corners clipped.

Boxed Tissue Pack Cover

Directions on how to cut the fabric

Step 2

place fabrics right sides together and sew along short edge.

Step 3

now sew opposite side

Step 4

Turn right side out and press

Step 5

fold toward center slightly overlapping center and clip

Step 6

sew down each side and zigzag or overcast seam

Step 7

prepare box corners by creating a triangle with each corner seam.

Step 8

make a line 3/8" from point to all four corners

Step 9

sew on line. trim off corners and turn right side out

Step 10

finished tissue cover packs

I hope you enjoyed the fabric tissue pack cover tutorials today! These would make great gifts and at Christmas…Stocking Stuffers! Please comment and let me know if these were helpful and if you may make some in the future.

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