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Favorite Gift Ideas for the Quilter in Your Life!

We need gifts for our sewing or quilting friends year round for special occasions, but we tend to think about it most at Christmas time. Here are some favorite gift ideas for the quilter in your life.

I have a few ideas this year and a couple items that you may want under your own tree come Christmas Morning! I’ll get to those in a moment, but first I would like to remind you to check back to my other “gift idea” blogs. They have things on them that I still say are great gift ideas too!

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Last year I included a few things that didn’t have anything to do with sewing, but they were things I was loving at that time. You will want to go check those out. I’m still loving them this year!

2023 Gift Idea List

First, I need to say I don’t receive any compensation for recommending these gift ideas. I just personally like them.

  1. Ironing Board Extension–I love, love, love this! You place this right over top of your regular ironing board. This changes everything! It gives you a 22″x 60″ rectangular work space. So nice for ironing quilts and fabric yardage!
picture of expanded ironing board

2. Quilt Pattern Books–I can sit and look at quilt books for hours. They provide so much inspiration and dreaming. They also make great coffee table books!

shows quilt pattern books

3. Rulers–There are so many types of rulers out there that do so many great things. A specialty ruler is always fun to receive!

an array of rulers

4. Magazine Subscription–I still like to go to the mailbox and find a new magazine to read and look at! It makes me happy! I bet it would bring a smile to one of your friends too!

quilt magazines

5. Fun Quilt Shirts, Mugs, or Jewelry–Here’s a link to Etsy’s quilt products I thought were nice! Here is my favorite shirt!

quilt shirt

6. Gift cards, Seam Rippers, Scissors, Needles, Starch, etc.–All those things you need replaced on a yearly basis can be so nice to receive.

sewing tools

Have a Wonderful Year Ahead

It has been a joy to gather up some of my favorite gift ideas! Hope this gives you plenty of ideas to gift your quilting and sewing friends throughout the year for Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions!

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