mug rug with cookies and a mug

Mug Rugs are Mini Quilts that are Fast, Easy, and Beginner Friendly!

Mug Rugs are Mini Quilts that are Fast, Easy, and Beginner Friendly!

Mug rugs are mini quilts! There is cutting, piecing, ironing, sandwiching, quilting, and binding! What better way for a beginner to start and a seasoned quilter to crank out something fast and easy. I love the idea of creating something useful even as a beginner. Mug rugs make great gifts for any occasion and are easy to make more masculine for guys.

Nautical mug rug.
This was made by my cousin for my husband. I love how she added the embroidery square at the left. So Creative!

What is a Mug Rug?

The most common thought is that it is a combination of a coaster and placemat. It needs to be big enough to hold a cup and snack. The size can vary and so can the shape. Rectangles are the most common, but there are no rules. Squares, circles, and different shapes (house, cat head, paw, etc.) are used.

Most are quilted, but they can be crocheted or knitted out of yarn.

History of a Mug Rug

Apparently, they were first popular in the UK. They came to the US out of the Modern Quilt Movement. In 2010, Amanda from Ms Mcporkchop Quilts posted the name along side of her mini quilt and it stuck. Here is a nice board of Mug Rugs on Pinterest. She also gives you a free tag to print off explaining to someone what it is!

A Quilted Mug Rug

We are probably most interested in how to make a quilted mug rug. This is a great way to use up scraps because none of the pieces are very big. Any of the “precut” packs (charm packs, jelly rolls, honey buns, etc.) will work great for these too! This is a great way to practice piecing and applique while creating a useful item.

different types  of pre cut fabrics

If you’re looking for something fast, easy, and beginner friendly, then grab your sewing supplies and lets make a Mug Rug to celebrate “Christmas in July”! The free pattern will be coming next week for my email subscribers. If you aren’t on my email list you can sign up below.

Make sure you all join the Facebook group, Quilting Friends of Jerianns Handmade, so we can share photos of the mug rugs we make. It will be fun and give you a head start on Christmas gifts for this year! Make them for hostess gifts too!

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