Quick & Easy Christmas Gifts Our Friends Will Love, Part 2.

This is part 2 in my series, Quick & Easy Christmas Gifts Our Friends Will Love! The next gift I’m going to show how to make is one that everyone on your list will enjoy, not just quilters! It’s a Casserole Dish Hot Pad. I’ve been eyeballing these for a while now. Most hot pads or potholders are small squares and you must place several down to set a 9”x13” dish on. This larger hot pad will fit nicely under the large 9”x13” dish. I pulled out my pan and this is what I came up with.

Casserole Dish Hot Pad Tutorial:

  • I measured my dish and found that 12”x17” would be a great size and fit underneath perfectly.
  • I picked a wintery scene fabric, but not holiday. It will be good to use for the winter season…of course the choice is yours. I also chose a solid for the bottom, but I’m thinking about using two different seasonal prints.  Cotton batting and “Insul-brite” were the types of batting I chose.
  • Cut one piece of top fabric, one piece of bottom fabric 12”x17”.  Then cut one piece of cotton batting and two pieces of “Insul-brite”, 12”x17” also. Sandwich the cotton batting between the “Insul-brite”.
  • Place fabric pieces RST (right sides together) and then place the three piece batting sandwich (shiny side against top piece of fabric) on the bottom.
The three piece batting sandwich is on the bottom.
  • Sew 1/4” all around leaving about 5” on a side for turning.
  • Before turning the pad right side out, press with an iron and trim corners at a diagonal. You will get a nicer point for the corners!
  • Turn right side out and use a chopstick to poke out those nice pointy corners!  Almost Done!
  • Next, iron and sew around the pad again about an 1/8” to catch the seam where the opening is.
  • Quilt as desired. I did and easy straight-line design and used a walking foot.
It fits my casserole dish perfectly! I’m excited to have a hot pad this size!

So glad you’re joining me for these sewing tutorials. Let me know what you think and what you are making in the comments!  

Last year I wrote a blog on the, 14 Best Gifts for People Who Love to Sew & Quilt. It might give you some more ideas for gift giving!

Have a great week, and always find time to sew!

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    1. Yes, they would be cute in any seasonal fabric and a nice way to use up your fabric and have a gift ready all at once! Thanks for reading the blog!

  1. I LOVE these hot pads!! I’ve been looking at them over the past year on Pinterest and feel like they would be so useful!

    I’ve currently been making fall holiday bandannas and bows for all the dogs in my family!

  2. The girls loved this. They do craft shows and it is an easy one to make and sell. (For any holiday)

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