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Sewing & Donating to Charities

Sewing and donating to charities is something we should try and do. Sewing for Charities is Rewarding is a blog I wrote in 2022, but still is relevant today. Find out about Quilts of Valor, Project Linus, & Ryan’s Case for Smiles.

Three New Charities

I want to add three more charities to the list.

  1. Ronald McDonald House Charities help supply the needs of families who have sick children and don’t live near the hospital where they are being treated. They may supply a house or private family room so they can stay close to their children without the cost of hotels and eating out. I saw one lady sewing pillowcases to donate. Click on the link above and find your local chapter. Call or email them to get the specifics on what they need and how you can help.
  2. Dolls of Hope is an organization that provide dolls and bears to bring hope and joy to children. They believe every child deserves to have a toy to cherish. The patterns can be downloaded from the site or purchase a kit from Sew Yeah Quilting.
  3. The Snuggles Project provides a “snuggle” for animals at a shelter. Snuggles help calm the animals and softens the industrial feel of the shelter with softness and color. They have sew and no sew instructions along with toys to make.

Now It’s Our Turn

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Here are three charities that could use our help and six if you count the ones from my previous blog. Surely we can find one whose mission resonates with us.

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Don’t forget to check out local organizations in your nearby town. Community centers, retirement homes, animal shelters, and women’s shelters usually need items you can make and provide. See if they have a list of items they will accept.

Maybe you need to get motivated to sew again, or maybe you want to learn to sew. Sewing for others can inspire us to get started. This is a great opportunity to organize a group sew.

Finally, I want to emphasize that you need to go to each website and get their directions on what specifically they want. There may be special materials to use, sizes and patterns that will only be accepted and certain times of the year they take the donations. Do your homework. Then go and sew until your heart is content!

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Always find time to sew,

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