three covered string blocks

Easy Covered String Block Tutorial

We are continuing our string block quilt along with the covered block. This block is completely covered with strings. The definition of “strings” in this case is strips of fabric. Usually 1 1/4″ to about 3″.

Last month we learned how to make the Half Square Triangle String Block. You can find out about that HERE.

The Covered String Block

When I chose fabric to make my base block, I just chose a muslin. Muslin is a lightweight, plain-woven cloth. It’s typically made from cotton and comes in a natural off-white color. You can find it bleached white as well. Usually, it is fairly inexpensive and this is why it makes a good base. The base block will be covered with strings and won’t show.


Take the first square and place a string on the block from diagonal corner to corner. Position the fabric “right side up” and pin. Make sure to always have some overhang pass the corners.

first step in string block. fabric string from diagonal corner to diagonal corner.

Place another string RST (right sides together) along one side of the first string. Pin. Sew a quarter inch down the side and press string over.

Place next string on edge of first one and pin.

Keep adding strings to that side until the foundation block is covered. Each time the string needs to hang over the foundation block a little bit.

adding strings to block
strings cover one side of foundation block

Now cover the other side the same way you did the first. Start by placing a string RST on the first string. Pin. Sew a quarter inch down the side and press open. Continue until you have covered the foundation block.

strings covering foundation block

Turn the block over and with the foundation block as your guide, carefully cut the excess strings off around the block.

string block turned over ready to be trimmed
partial trimmed string block

Congratulations! You finished your first block!

finished covered string block on cutting board with rotary cutter.

This block is a great scrap buster and makes up fast! Great for any beginner to work on. I love this block when I want to just do some mindless sewing. Sew them together in rows to make a quilt.

16 covered string blocks ready to be sewn together.

This has to be one of the most “forgiving” quilts you can make! This is what I have done so far. I’ll be working on these all year so join in at anytime and sew along with me!

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Always find time to sew,