two string quilts

String Blocks: Let’s Quilt Together!

This year I want us all to join in together creating “String Blocks” for my “Let’s Quilt Together” series. This is a great block to work on all year long!

A few of you have let me know that you are beginner quilters. This block is beginner friendly, but also appeals to long time quilters as well!

Three Reasons I Chose the String Block

  1. Beginner Friendly: To get better at anything you want to do, you have to do it! The more you sit and sew, the better at sewing you will become. This is a great way to practice and figure out the 1/4″ seam rule in quilting that is very important. It honestly won’t matter in this block, but practicing it will help you improve!
  2. Quick and Easy: This block requires very little thinking! Sit and sew without having to follow directions! This is why I always like to have some of these string blocks around. Mindless sewing, but enjoyable! It’s perfect for a sit and sew after a long day of working. You don’t have to pay attention to which fabric string you pick up next. The color and pattern won’t matter at all!
  3. It uses Scraps: A background piece is needed along with the scraps. It’s the base block to which you sew. Any scraps will work, even the ugly ones. When looking at a string quilt your eyes focus on the blank spaces, not the fabric strings you choose. String quilts don’t have to have blank spaces. The block can be completely covered with fabric strings and the fabric choices still don’t matter. They always look great!

If you are a beginner and don’t have a lot or any scraps then ask around. Ask on Facebook. Quilters always have more scraps than they could ever use and would be happy to share some. Check out local thrift stores. I know people who have hit the jackpot for fabric there. Ask in any groups or organizations you belong to. Someone might know someone!

Our First Project!

half square string quilt blockd

Each month I want to introduce you to a different type of string block. This month is the Half Square String Block. That’s not an official name. It’s just what I think it looks like! We will work on this one through February. You can make a star with these blocks, depending on how many blocks you complete, or a quilt. It’s up to you.

a star wall hanging using half square string blocks in red, white, and blue.

The Half Square String Block

First, I try to use a background that will be around for awhile or easy to find. The amount you will need depends on the size of block you want to use and of course how many blocks will be in your project. The Star takes 12 half square blocks and 4 plain background blocks. I did this star using 3 1/2″ squares in red, white, and blue.


I’m doing a 3 1/2″ square, 6 1/2″ square, and a 9 1/2″ square. I’ll work on these all year. This will give you a good idea what size you may want to do. Remember, the larger the square, the longer your first strings need to be. Smaller squares take shorter strings, so take a look first to see what you may be able to handle before you go and cut squares too big for the strings you have. (been there, done that!)

Instructions For Blocks

Take each block and draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the back. Pick up a string long enough to reach past the corners. Place the string on the right side of the block making sure it is at least a 1/4″ over the line on the back. Pin. Turn the block over and sew on the line you drew on the back. Next press string over. Take another string and place it right sides together, raw edges together on the previous string. Sew a 1/4″ down and again press over. Keep adding strings until you cover the bottom corner. Turn block over and trim excess off around the block.

Pictures of Explanation Above

first steps in starting a string block
last three steps to creating a string block.

Hope you decide to join in on making string blocks throughout this year. I think you will definitely like them.

Finally, If you haven’t joined the Facebook group, please do. It’s Quilting Friends of Jerianns Handmade. In this group we can all share pictures of our projects or ask questions. It’s a little quilting community! Hope to see you there.

Always Find Time to Sew,