three quilt planning sheets

Quilt Planning Pages

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”–Mark Twain

I love this quote! Just getting started can be the hardest part of any project.

Let’s get the year started with these quilt planning pages I created for you! I’m planning to have a wonderful year of quilting and sewing. Have you ever noticed if you don’t plan something it rarely happens? Placing it on the calendar and protecting it’s spot is the key, otherwise something else will take the spot. I also love “pretty” things. These planning pages are meant to be pleasing to the eye and help inspire and motivate you to use them!

Download & Print Out the Quilt Planning Sheets

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I read the book, The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran, and found that planning this way really helps break the year down into more doable sections in which I’m able to accomplish a lot more. This is how we will approach our quilting time with my planning sheets! I will run through each sheet here.

WIPS & UFO’S Planning Sheet

If you are new to quilting you are probably wondering what WIPS & UFO’S are? A WIP is a “Work in Progress”. This would be a project you are currently working on and any you have been working on recently. A UFO is an “Unfinished Object”. This would be a project that is sitting around in a stack or closet that hasn’t been touched for a long time. Usually these projects just need one or two more things to be finished, like sewing on a binding. Other times you run into a problem or issue that would require extra work and that makes you put them down and work on something else.

Whatever the case is, pull them out and write them down on your planning sheet, in order of importance. There are only seven spaces. WIPS go in the blue squares and UFOS go in the brown ones. The line to the right is for notes. What needs done to complete each project. You can use the back if you need more space for notes.

wips and ufos planning sheet
collage of my wips and ufos

Quilts I Want to Make in 2024

There are six squares here. Remember we are working 12 weeks at a time. In 12 weeks we will look at all these sheets and fill them out again! You will find things change. Some projects may have gotten done while others you decide aren’t something you want to continue working on in the next 12 weeks. For now fill in what quilts you would love to start on soon. There will also be a lot of quilt alongs that might interest you. Take that into consideration.

Quilts I want to make in 2024 planning sheet
The butterfly, wooly stars, and canning season patterns

Weekly Planning Page

Finally is the Weekly Planning Page.” Always find time to sew” is my motto and this is the page that will help you do that! There are 8,760 total hours in a year. We have 168 hours in a week. Let’s find some time!

Do you have a space of time most days that would work? I’m a early riser and a morning person. I get my best work done before lunch. Depending when I get up, I usually sew from 6:30am to 8:00am. I’m up at 5:30 or 6:00am most mornings. I sit on the couch with a cup of coffee and watch the local news for about a half hour. I’m usually excited to get to my sewing room and get started! I realize not everyone is a morning person. You do you! That’s important.

I work from home so I’m able to grab 15 or 20 minute spots here and there to break up my day and sew. You may not be able to do that during the week, but think about the weekends. Out of those two days can you squeeze in a couple hours or small slots of time to sew? If this is something that’s important to you then try and find the time for it no matter how small. Each week will be different in some way and give you more or less time. The main thing is that you schedule some sewing time and protect that time!

Weekly planning sheet

Write Sewing Times on the Calendar

Finally, look at your list of projects. What do you want to work on for the next 12 weeks? Each week you will find time to sew and then place the projects into the slots that are most important to you to work on. Every time, no matter how small, that you work on a project is that much further along you have come and closer to being finished than if you hadn’t scheduled that tiny space of time to sew.

You can do this! Find time to sew in the next 12 weeks. There are 2,016 hours available! Give yourself permission to quilt. Please don’t fill this out, put it in a drawer and not look at it again. Place it where you can look at it everyday and every week! There will probably be things you may want to change along the way. That’s good because you are using the planning pages like they were intended to be used. I can’t wait to see how we all get along in the next 12 weeks!!

Always find time to sew,