a review of 2022 and goal setting strategy for 2023 pertaining to quilting and blog

Year in Review & Goal Setting Strategy (part 2)

In part one of my series, Year in Review & Goal Setting Strategy I spoke on 2022 in review. In part two I want to speak on my goal setting and other ideas I have planned for 2023!

First, I have created a few planning sheets to help me get started. I’m working on creating a free set for you to download and take the stress out of organizing and planning your quilting projects.

“Always Find Time to Sew” is my motto and you will always see it at the end of my newsletters and blogs. My thought is that we need to create a time every day or week to schedule sewing. This is a diary of sorts to plan your sewing times and/or record the times you sew. At the end of the week/month there is a record of how much time you actually did sew, cut, pick out fabric, etc. Include all those things together. I place an hour or so in the mornings because I get up early. I can get a lot done before anyone else is even out of bed.

WIPS (works in progress)

These are something I want to tackle first. I started many different projects last year and want to get them finished this year. There is a place for six different projects on the sheet. I’m working in 12-week segments so six items are more than enough for me to consider. Wednesday is generally my errand day, so I have a little bit more free time. WIPS will be placed on Wednesday for me to work on. Look at your calendar and see if you can find small blocks of time to devote to WIPS!

UFO (un finished object)

 These are projects that for some reason or another we put away, stick in a pile, or place in a container. They haven’t been worked on at all for months, or years. I need to consider a time when I have a couple hours in a row to pull them out, figure out what the next step is, and get my head in gear to do what it takes to finish it. There are 12 plus UFO’s on a quilt rack in my sewing room to choose from and I will put six of them in the spaces on the planner. I may take time to write on there, if I know off hand, what must be done to finish it. I think I can find two hours or more on a Saturday or Sunday to work on these. Again look and see where you might find time to squeeze these in. It might be you only work on them once a month. That’s okay. At least you are planning to get some work done on them!

Additional Sheets Will Be Coming!

I just finished my Valentine’s Day Pillow and realized that there wasn’t a sheet for Finished Projects of 2023! There also needs to be a sheet for starting new projects this year!

Wishful Goals for 2023

  • I’ve never picked a word for the year before, but since my year consists of only 12 weeks at a time, I picked the word FOCUS. It is so hard for me to focus. My brain likes to dart out a million directions. At the end of 12 weeks, I will consider whether I need to continue with that word or pick a new one! Let me know if you pick words and what yours is.
  • Working on some free planning pages that will help you wrangle in all those unfinished quilting projects. Look for them coming soon!
  • I received an EQ8 (computer program for designing quilts) for Christmas. I hope to take that cute little bench pillow and design some patterns for you. I must learn how to use the program first!
  • Starting a Facebook Group is high on my list. I want us to have a group where we can ask questions and share pictures of what we are working on. Inspiring others to always find time to sew!
  • Making videos is something I really want to do. However, I have so much to learn first!
  • Review more quilt shops around this area and where I travel would be fun….and scary! I get so nervous even though the ladies are always so nice to me!
  • I would also like to try and do some “Trunk Shows”. I will come to your shop, guild, or sewing group meeting and share my quilting journey. This would consist of showing my quilts, meeting new friends, promoting my blog, and inspiring you to always find time to sew. If any of you would be interested in me coming and presenting this, please let me know by leaving a message in the comments. Also, if you aren’t already signed up for the newsletter, sign up and then I will have your email to correspond.

To Conclude…

Okay! These are some lofty goals.  My sense this year is that we all have a list of more quilts than we could ever complete. Is this you? That got me thinking about smaller, quick win projects like pillows, table runners, kitchen towels, etc. I think I might lean toward this idea for my posts in the next few months. Do you have any ideas? Let me know in the comments.

Always Find Time to Sew,