Year in Review & Goal Setting Strategy (part 1)

January is one of three times a year I like to stop, review, and create a new plan. May and September are the other times I feel like doing this “refresh”. Do I always do it completely? No. Do I tend to skip steps? Yes. So here is my year in review and goal setting strategy for this new year!

Year in Review

We always need to look back and see where we have been to determine where we need to go. I had some big wins this year and some disappointing results. This is probably true for most people. Let’s look at some of mine and please share with me in the comments what your results were.

Jerianns Handmade Blog

Starting a blog!

Wow! This is my first full year of the blog and what a journey! Like most things, I went into writing this blog not realizing how hard, how much work, and how much I would have to learn just to get to where I am. I have enjoyed ALMOST every minute of it. Maureen, from The Creative Impact provided me with the courses and tools I needed to get this far. I’m so excited to see what this new year holds as I continue with you on my blogging journey!


I am so embarrassed to tell you this.

I haven’t completed one quilting project this year. What? Nope. I have started a mountain of them but completing one did not happen! I have been sewing almost every day. How could I not have finished one? I will say starting and being consistent with the blog took a lot of time and so I’m okay with that. Can you guess what a top priority for me this year will be? To finish some of the items in this list:

  • Three large Christmas quilts to give my sons as I complete them one by one!
  • Finish my BOM quilt from A Quilting Life. I did two sizes, and I am happy that I kept up with each month’s block.
  • I started the Socialites blocks from the Fat Quarter Shop. They come out every week through April. I am behind a little on these.
  • Jean Quilt with the scrappy borders.

These are what I call my WIPS or Works in Progress. I’m making a plan on how to tackle these and get them finished. UFO’s are a different story. I just stopped counting at 12. These are projects I have set aside. Many were started years ago. Some just need quilted or binding to finish, others need me to sit down and study where I left off! Please leave a comment if you can relate!

Miscellaneous Ideas

Reading books was important to me the past couple of years. I set a goal of one book a month. In the last couple of years, I have hit that goal and even surpassed it. This past year I continued to read on my Kindle and I started going back to the library to get actual books. I also purchased some books as well.

Losing weight, eating healthy and getting more exercise didn’t really stick. I go back and forth on that.

Decluttering didn’t find too much traction either although I did make several trips to the thrift store with boxes of things!


The conclusion of my year in review isn’t the end. I have a second part to this blog which will include my plan for next year, and planning sheets to share that might help you with your quilting goals and organization! So join me next time and always find time to sew!

2 thoughts on “Year in Review & Goal Setting Strategy (part 1)”

  1. Goals are awesome! But… I haven’t finished one quilt project this year either. Silly question but what are UFOs?

    1. I get this question once in awhile, usually from non quilters like yourself. A UFO is an UN Finished Object. I like to say these are projects that get place in a pile or put in a container and you haven’t worked on them for quite some time! Hope that answers your question and thanks for asking!

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