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Quilt Trends of 2023

What are the quilt trends of 2023? I love looking at trends and seeing if it is what I’m seeing in the quilting world. I realize I only see a small part of the larger picture from my small Midwest town. Let’s dive in and see what’s trending!

Nine Quilt Trends of 2023

I found six of these trends at: www.Lindleygeneralstore.ca/blog

  • Digital Designs. Many creators are going digital! This means you purchase the design online and it comes to your email to download and print at home. The creators create the download and then sit back and watch their purchases come in. The pattern doesn’t have to be packaged and sent. It’s less cost and work for them. We can blame the pandemic for this change in how we purchase patterns. That’s not to say we can’t purchase physical patterns online or at our local quilt shops. I highly recommend visiting and purchasing local too!

I definitely see this as a huge trend, not just in the quilting world, but so many other places as well. We are talking about planners, stickers, art, etc. Getting something immediately is something we as a society are getting used to. No more waiting weeks for something to come in the mail. If it can be downloaded, you can print it off immediately!

  • Shades of Red. Many companies come up with trending colors in paint, textiles, home goods, etc. This happens every year. I’m not always sure we get the memo! I don’t feel like I’ve seen red trending in quilting. Have you?

I have seen more quilts made with solid colors. This could be because of the Modern Quilt movement gaining popularity. I really haven’t seen the color of red trending.

  • Scrap Quilting. I have seen a lot of this. The idea of using leftover fabrics from other quilts, or even cutting up clothing is on the rise. “Use what you have” is the slogan. Reasons may be related to the recession and uptick in fabric prices. Fun Fact: I have several of my grandma’s quilts where she cut up old clothes and placed the fabric in her quilts. I love this. I can still pick out some of her dress prints and my grandpa’s pajama prints!
scrappy quilt using cut up clothes
One of my Grandma’s quilts made with cut up clothing!

  • Quilt Kits. Don’t you just love a good quilt kit! I think these are popular for several reasons. First, people see a quilt they love because of the fabric used. They want one “just like that”. Second is time. Picking out fabric can be daunting for some of us and it takes so much time. Some kits offer the cutting already done so you can just “sit and sew”.
  • Slow Quilting. People slowed down during the pandemic and enjoyed it. This spilled over into their hobbies. I see hand sewing and hand quilting picking up. Cross stitch has had a resurgence along with hand embroidery. I get it.
  • Traditional Patchwork quilting. You can relate this back to the scrap quilting trend and that statistically it is still the most popular way to quilt. I will say that I love the look of many modern quilts and at some point, will have to try my hand at one or two!
hounds tooth quilt
Here is my Hounds Tooth quilt and I’m thinking it may be considered a “Modern Quilt”?

Here Are a Few More Quilting Trends of 2023

These trends weren’t mentioned above, but I’m seeing them.

  • Quilt Coats. I’m still seeing many patterns and tutorials for these.
  • Block of the Month Quilts. I think these will be trending for a long time. The idea is great and very doable. I did one last year and it was great to have all the quilt blocks done by the end of the year. Finishing one block a month wasn’t so daunting.
block of the month quilt
My BOM(block of the month) quilt!
  • I also see a trend of mini or smaller quilts and quilt projects. I still see people working on large quilts, but along the way they need a “quick win” and that’s where smaller quilts and projects come in. Time is another big factor. Larger quilts take a lot of time to complete, whereas small quilt projects can be done quickly!

There you have it! Quilting trends of 2023! What do you think? Is this what you are seeing where you live? I think overall I agree with these.

I thought this was so interesting and I enjoyed exploring it. Let me know in the comments what you think. Check out the blog from last year about the trends in 2022 to see how it compares.

Always Find Time to Sew,


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