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Quilting Statistics of 2023

I love looking at the quilting statistics. Many of them don’t surprise me, but occasionally one pops up that I wasn’t expecting.

I have a few statistics to share and I think you will find them very interesting!

The statistic information was found on Blog.gitnux.com

I didn’t report everything so head over there and read more about it.

Quilting Statistics

For each stat, I want you to see where you fall.

  • More than 62% of American Quilters are making traditional quilts.> I find this interesting. The modern quilt movement is really catching on, especially in the younger age groups, and I think this number might drop in the next few years. I’ve always been a traditional quilter, but as I see more and more modern quilts, I’m warming up to them.
  • The average quilter is 63 and female. I’m in my 50’s and I feel like the average age will go down in the next few years. I see so many younger women, especially on Instagram, quilting.
  • 70% of American quilters have been quilting over 20 years! I fall into this bracket. What about you?
  • Quilters spend on average two hours/day making quilts. Some days I sew two hours or more, but I’m not always working on quilts. I wonder how many of you sew every day? I don’t sew every day, but usually more than not. Let me know in the comments where you fall.
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  • 81% of quilters prefer to shop in person, rather than online. I get this. Me too, although since the pandemic I find myself ordering more of my fabric online. What about you?
  • Advanced Quilters own an average of three sewing machines. I don’t know how their “Advanced” is defined. I consider myself intermediate at best. I had three sewing machines, but I gave one away, one just broke and can’t be fixed, so I’m down to ONE.
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  • The average size quilt made is 50”x 60”. I think this is close. This is around a throw size.
  • 40-50% of quilters have a dedicated room in their home for sewing. I do have this too. It’s wonderful to be able to leave everything out as you are working on it.
  • Quilters spend of average $3,363 a year on their supplies and fabric. Whoa! I’m not even close to that! I think quilters buying new machines skews that number. I would love to know on average what you spend on fabric and supplies, not machines. Most years I think I’m under $500.

Check out my blog on Quilting Trends of 2023. I would really love to know what you think about the Quilting Trends and Statistics of 2023. What do you think about the stats and trends mentioned on the last two blogs? Leave me a comment.

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