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Sewing & Quilt Planning Time For The Month

Do you have trouble finding time to sew or organizing your projects to get them completed? Me too! Come along with me as I work on sewing and quilt planning time for the month. Grab the free planning pages below. They will help with thinking about and organizing your projects!

Planning Pages

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How often do you sit down, write out what projects you have going, and which projects you want to start or finish? Do you find yourself doing that weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly? Maybe you are a “play it by ear” person and that’s okay. First, try and figure out which of these planning styles work for you and use the planning pages accordingly. This may take some trial and error episodes before you figure it out.

Sewing & Quilting Time

Finding time to be able to sit and sew can be a difficult thing to do especially if you work fulltime, are raising a family, etc. When there may be a period of time to sew, you find yourself either too tired, not in the mood, unable to concentrate, and the list goes on and on.

One thing I have found is that when you are finishing up your sewing time, write down the next step in the project that you will work on when you get a chance to sew again. Figuring out where you are in a project, or not having a project in mind to work on, uses up what little energy you have in the first place. Not having to make any of those decisions when you sit to sew creates peace.

You will find you are more likely to do it!

Look at your week and find some time, anytime that you can sit and sew, whether it’s 15 minutes, or 2 hours. Also, whether it’s one day a week or four! Block off those time slots and protect them! Then look forward to your time to sit and sew!

Sewing or Quilting Routine

The next thing to figure out is what you want to work on and for how long. I call this your Sewing Routine! If you are like most of us we are working on multiple projects at the same time. My routine right now is working on one project per week. This may change, but as of now I am enjoying it this way. I pick four projects from my planning sheets that I want to do. I place one in each week and work only on that. Sometimes I get distracted and pull in a new project or a project that I need soon for a gift. It happens!

Another routine might be picking a few projects and deciding at sewing time which one to work on depending on your mood. Just be sure to always have that next step ready for each project so that decision doesn’t have to be made. Picking a sewing routine is totally up to you and what works best for you! A Monthly Quilting & Sewing Routine along with How to Plan Quilting Time Each Month and Quilting & Sewing Routine are all previous blogs you may want to visit to learn more.

Grab the Planning Pages and use them to best help you think about sewing time, routine, organizing projects, and enable you to always find time to sew!

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